And The City Swallowed Them

In 2008, Canadian model Diana O'Brien was stabbed in a Shanghai stairwell, twelve days after arriving in the city. The actions of police investigators and O'Brien's Chinese modeling agency would soon arouse suspicion. At once a page-turning narrative and a work of deep investigation, And The City Swallowed Them draws on dozens of interviews with investigators, models, and family members of those close to the crime.

Unnatural Selection

There are over 100 million females “missing” from Asia’s population--more than the entire female population of the United States. Outside of Asia, too--in countries like Albania, Azerbaijan, and Georgia--couples are making sure at least one of their children is a son. A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, with a cast of characters ranging from sex workers to geneticists, Unnatural Selection looks at what happens as the world's extra boys grow up.


I have written about everything from China's interest in biometrics to Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests. My articles, op-eds, and book reviews have appeared in The Atlantic, Foreign PolicyHarper's, The Los Angeles Times, Matter, The New York Times, Popular Science, Salon, Scientific American, Slate, The Wall Street Journal, The Walrus, and other publications.  I am a contributing correspondent with Science.


  • New-ish articles: a review of Mei Fong's stellar book One Child for The Wall Street Journal, and an article for Science on the arrest of innocent Asian-American scientists for economic spying and trade secrets theft.
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  • Check out my op-ed piece on China's changing relationship with the death penalty in the New York Times. The article draws on some of the reporting I did for And The City Swallowed Them.